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Life After Death Counsel & Coaching
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About Us

The Grace Family offers a fast track coaching program, with the “Life After Death” Counsel. This program is guaranteed to help individuals and families unlock their full potential, while creating lasting legacies in real time. The focus of the LAD Counsel will be to ensure all members of the family are simultaneously prepared to run and rule in real time and even more ready to properly transfer the power when the time comes. No one has defeated death, we encourage you to begin preparing for yours at your earliest convenience. Someone today, will make plans for this weekend, only to leave here tomorrow evening. It literally happens everyday of the week. “I just saw him yesterday”, they often say…

We often overlook the more prepared, dangerous, and informed the current generation… The less the next one has to struggle. Attendees will be building directly with the key members of the Grace Family on a weekly basis. By way of weekly Coaching calls, assessments, and pre-recorded content, we are certain we can assist you in a building a multi-generational super family. 

Imagine a generation with "new problems"! Imagine a generation with no problems! It doesn't have to be imagination only, if we work on getting our shit together in real time. If you call yourself a leader or are currently being led, and that person isn't aware of the urgency and necessity to get things done before they abruptly leave here, you're being led by a fool and liability. You're one death away, from stifling your entire current family lineage. 

Why You Should Join Us

Results do not lie... The Grace family is documented in the books, as one of the only families of our culture, to do what they have done. Go look for yourself!